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SlimBrowser UI Localization

Choose "Language->Interface Language->language Name" from the menu to switch SlimBrowser into localized interface of the selected language. Localization will be applied immediately. No restarting is needed. Since the language files are so small, all available language file are included in the setup package. There are no additional files for you to download.

You are always welcome to make contribution to SlimBrowser localization. You can either create a new language file or improve an existing language file. To do so, select "Language->Language File Manager" from the menu.

You can edit the existing language files in the language file manager. After editing the language files, you can email the updated language file to us so that we can include the changes in the next release. Your changes about un-translated entries will always be included. However, to modify an entry that have been translated, you needcheck whether a language file has been assigned to a chief translator. If it has, you need contact the chief translator by email and suggest possible improvements.

If you are interested in becoming a chief translator for a particular language, please don't hesitate toHubungi Kami. Being a chief translator is a volunteer job making SlimBrowser more friendly to non-English users.

Available Language Files and Author Credits


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