Use favorites efficiently in SlimBrowser 7.0

In SlimBrowser 7.0, the automatic list of suggestions showing up while you are typing in the address bar has been redesigned to list matching entries from all your favorite links. In SlimBrowser 6.0, if you want to find a favorite, you have to open the favorites side panel and click the search button to search for it. While that feature is still available in SlimBrowser 7.0, you can search for a particular favorite directly from the address bar in a much easier way. Just type one or more keywords which either appear in the URL or the title of the favorite. If one or more matching items are found, they will show up on the suggestion list. Just press the down arrow to select the item you want and press enter to open the favorite link.

This great search feature further weakens the need to organize your bookmarks into categories. If you are a savvy internet researcher, you can easily have 1000+ favorites. Organizing them into subfolders won’t make locating a particular bookmark a lot easier. If you have to think which folder to store the link every time you bookmark a page, that  seems slightly painful and distracting (at least to me). That’s why I created the Quick-Bookmark feature, which lets you save a bookmark into a predefined folder. Give it a name such as “ReadLater” or “Unsorted”. If you see a page which might end up useful some time, just right click on the tab and select “Quick-Bookmark”. The page link will be saved without bothering you with the choice of picking a folder. That’s very efficient if you need bookmark a lot of pages in a short period of time.

The searching capability from the address bar makes it make more sense to use the Quick-Bookmark feature instead of the regular “Add To Favorites” menu. Now it’s better to think of your favorites as a a database which you can easily and quickly find what you want. You don’t have to pay much attention to how it’s organized internally.

Despite everything I said, there are always people who insist on organizing everything they own into a perfect state. That’s certain a good practice if you have the energy to do that. 🙂