Upload Clipboard Image Easily

Most people upload and share photo files. But some of us would like to share images from other source as well, such as a screenshot or a piece of image from some drawing software such as Microsoft Visio. Normally we would have to copy the image to clipboard, save it to a file, browse for the file in the file upload dialog and then upload it. It’s not a daunting task but it’s not as convenient as it should be. Would it be really convenient if we can directly upload image from the clibpoard like a normal paste operation?

Based on this idea, we are implementing a feature called “Upload Clipboard Image“. Here is how it works. Just right click in the file input box on the left side of the [browse…] button and select “Upload Clipboard Image” from the popup menu. The clipboard image will be automatically saved to a temporary file for uploading. As simple as that.

Here is the screenshot of using this feature to share photos on facebook,

Upload Clipboard Image
Upload Clipboard Image

This feature will be included in the next build or two. Kindly let me know what you guys think of this feature.