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SlimBrowser V6 - Powerful and versatile browser that lets you surf the web with maximum efficiency and convenience

Austin, Texas - July 14th, 2012 - FlashPeak Inc. has released SlimBrowser V6, a powerful and versatile full-service browser that, unlike big-name browsers focusing only on the basic job of rendering web pages, is designed to get you to your favorite online destinations in the most efficient and convenient way. Centered around this ultimate goal, SlimBrowser incorporates a large set of wonderful features such as instant photo uploading, photo framing and enhancement, intelligent form filler, one-click social network integration, popup/ad blocker and turbo-accelerated download manager.

If you are a fan of posting and sharing photos online, SlimBrowser can automatically shrink photos to web-optimized resolution to dramatically reduce uploading time. Transferring 100 photos take only about 1 minute compared with almost 2 hours if using other browsers. Right before uploading the photos, you can also add beautiful photo frames or other enhancement effects so that your photos become a lot more impressive among your friends. It saves you the cost and trouble of using external photo editing software such as Photoshop to process photos. Best of all, unlike some photo-sharing apps such as Instagram which are tied to a few specific websites, this feature works with ANY websites which takes photo upload.

SlimBrowser provides convenient interface with various social network and web services such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. You can easily share a web page you are visiting, a small piece of text or an image in that web page with your fiends by a single click on the Share button. There is no need to connect to another website first and then do the copy-and-paste manually.

SlimBrowser V6 has introduced a full-featured smart form filler called QuickFill. It allows you to save login information or any other typed web form data as form files and access them later from the QuickFill menu with a single click. With the help of QuickFill, you only have to remember a single master password instead of different passwords for all your accounts. You can also have blank forms automatically populated with your name and contact information based on predefined identity files. Multiple identities can be defined for each member of your family. SlimBrowser users no longer have to rely on third-party form filler plugins such as RoboForm or Lastpass for automated form filling.

If you are a first-time user of SlimBrowser, you will have a lot more exciting features to explore and embrace. The multi-threaded download manager boosts your download speed by up to 12 times and makes it easy to track all your download jobs. SlimBrowser is shipped with both popup and ad blocker to minimize the distraction and annoyances caused by obtrusive ads. The built-in spell checker helps proof your composed web emails and blog postings in various languages. The language translation features help you easily translate an entire web page or a selected piece of text between any two languages. You can choose from hundreds of skins to decorate the SlimBrowser window to your own personal taste. Backed by the belief that one size rarely fits all, we make SlimBrowser the most flexible browser by providing numerous options and tweaking possibilities so that you can customize it to suit your own preference and maximize your productivity online.

SlimBrowser is released under freeware license at no cost to end users. It runs on Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/2008 and has a compact setup file size of only 3.7MB. For more information about SlimBrowser, please visit http://www.slimbrowser.net .

About FlashPeak Inc.: FlashPeak Inc. is founded in 2009 and currently based in Austin, Texas, USA. FlashPeak mainly specializes in the development of web browsers, internet utilities and word processing software for home and business users.


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