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Bookmarks can navigate you to a specific web page without typing the address. Form filler can fill a web form for you. What about combining these action into one step? That's how we came up with the idea of auto-login.

Auto-login is a fairly unique feature of SlimBrowser which helps you complete the task of navigating to your favorite web site and logining into the web site with saved account information in one single step. The whole flow is defined as auto-login entries. You can create as many auto-login entries as you want, e.g., one auto-login for your email account, another one for your amazon.com shopping account and yet another one for online forum account. After that, you can access any one of them in the web browser with a single click.

It is very easy to create your own auto-login entries. Just navigate to the page, fill the login form as usual. Then select Tools:Add Auto-Login From Current Page from the menu to extract the login information from the active web page. After that, you just pick a name and save it.

A screenshot of the auto-login menu in the web browser is shown below:

auto login in the web browser



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