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New Features & Version History


  • Upgrade to gecko engine 115.
  • Added support for hourly weather forecast in weather toolbar button drop down menu.
  • Fixed bug with youtube video download.


  • Fix a bug with language file manager (now placed under "More tools" menu)

  • Minor bug fix

  • Upgrade to gecko engine 101.
  • Allows users to use as many microphones as you want, at the same time, during video conferencing. 
  • All non-configured MIME types can now be assigned a custom action upon download completion.
  • Reading is now easier with the prefers-contrast media query, which allows sites to detect if the user has requested that web content is presented with a higher (or lower) contrast.
  • Support captions/subtitles display on YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix videos you watch in Picture-in-Picture. 
  • Picture-in-Picture now also supports video captions on websites that use WebVTT (Web Video Text Track) format, like Coursera.org, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and many more.
  • Checks spelling in multiple languages. 
  • Hardware accelerated AV1 video decoding is enabled on Windows with supported GPUs (Intel Gen 11+, AMD RDNA 2 Excluding Navi 24, GeForce 30). 


  • Fix a bug about default browser setting.

  • Upgrade to gecko engine 95
  • Enabled RLBox to protect SlimBrowser against potential security vulnerabilities in third-party libraries
  • You can now move the Picture-in-Picture toggle button to the opposite side of the video. Simply look for the new context menu option Move Picture-in-Picture Toggle to Left (Right) Side.
  • Introduce Site Isolation to better protect all SlimBrowser users against side-channel attacks such as Spectre.
  • Supports the new Snap Layouts menus when running on Windows 11.
  • Supports the new AVIF image format
  • PDF viewer now supports filling more forms (XFA-based forms, used by multiple governments and banks)
  • When available system memory is critically low, automatically unload tabs based on their last access time, memory usage, and other attributes.
  • SlimBrowser now blocks downloads that rely on insecure connections, protecting against potentially malicious or unsafe downloads
  • Improved web compatibility for privacy protections with SmartBlock 3.0
  • Introducing a new referrer tracking protection in Strict Tracking Protection and Private Browsing.

V15.0 (5/19/2021)

  • Fix bug with upload file dialog. (5/10/2021)

  • Upgrade to Gecko engine 87
  • Improved "Highlight All" feature feature on Find in Page
  • Added support for simultaneously watching multiple videos in Picture-in-Picture
  • Improved Print functionality with a cleaner design and better integration with the computer's printer settings;
  • credit card management and auto-fill for users in Canada;
  • notable performance and stability improvements achieved by moving canvas drawing and WebGL drawing to the GPU process;
  • Introduction of Total Cookie Protection to Strict Mode
  • Protection from supercookies, a type of tracker that can stay hidden in the browser and track users online, even after they have cleared cookies.

V14.0 (1/13/2021)

  • Fix bug with ad blocker on youtube website. (9/9/2020)

  • Migrate to Gecko engine 79.
  • The Protections Dashboard includes consolidated reports about tracking protection, data breaches, and password management. To view your dashboard, type about:protections into the address bar, or select “Protections Dashboard” from the main menu.
  •  Rolled out WebRender to Windows users with Intel and AMD GPUs, bringing improved graphics performance to an even larger audience.
  • Disabled TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 to improve your website connections. Sites that don't support TLS version 1.2 will now show an error page.

V13.0 (8/8/20)

  • Fix ad blocker issue with youtube.
  • Fix bug with settings not transferred with portable version. (8/2/20)

  • Migrate to Gecko engine 77
  • Supports Audio Worklets that will allow more complex audio processing like VR and gaming on the web. Now you can now join Zoom calls without the need for any additional downloads.
  • Improved Picture-in-Picture feature. Now, when you are ready to focus on the video, a double click can take the small window into full screen. Double click again to reduce the size again.
  • Improved readability of search suggestions with a focus on new search terms.
  • Your login management has improved with the ability to reverse alpha sort (Name Z-A) in Lockwise, which you can access under Logins and Passwords.
  • Add support for importing bookmarks from new Edge browser.
  • Add-ons installed by external applications can now be removed using the Add-ons Manager (about:addons). Going forward, only users can install add-ons; they cannot be installed by an application.
  •  Implemented a new global default zoom level setting. This option is available in about:preferences under "Language and Appearance" and can be scaled up or down from 100% as needed and sets the default zoom level for all sites. Per-site zoom is still available to make adjustments to individual sites as needed.


  • Add support for side tabs (Select menu View->Side bar->Tabs).

  • Fix bug about openning links in gmail.

  • Fix a bug with forum link

  • Fix a bug with language file manager
  • Fix a bug with youtube video downloader

  • Fix a few UI localization issue.

  • Fix UI localization issue with French and German.

  • Fix bug with language file manager.

  • Fix bug with share page on facebook/twitter.

  • Fix bug with some menu labels

  • Fix bug with youtube video downloader

  • Add support for auto reload tabs (Right click on tab and select "Auto Reload" from popup menu)

  • Migrate to Gecko engine 72
  • blocks fingerprinting scripts by default
  • show a speech bubble in the address bar that you can use to opt-in to web site notifications
  • Picture-in-picture video feature: "Select the blue icon from the right edge of a video to pop open a floating window so you can keep watching while working in other tabs or apps

V11.0 (11/4/19)

  • Fix bug with private browsing mode. (11/4/19)

  • Fix bug with default new tab page. (10/25/19)

  • Fix bug with ad blocker (10/17/19)

  • Fix bug with turbocharged download manager
  • Improve ad blocker (10/12/19)

  • Fix bug with search provider (10/9/19)

  • Fix bug with UI translation
  • Fix bug with turbocharged download manager (10/2/19)

  • Fix bug with UI translation (9/30/19)

  • Fix crash with turbo charged download manager. (9/29/19)

  • Migrated to Gecko Engine 68.0
  • Fixed bug with youtube video downloader.

V10.0 (8/22/2019)

  • Fix bug with turbocharged download manager. (8/16/2019)

  • Migrated to Gecko Rendering Engine.


Build 005

  • Fix a few minor bugs.

Build 004

  • Fix a few minor bugs.

Build 002

  • Fix a few minor bugs.

Build 001

  • Add support for downloading videos from dailymotion.com, vimeo.com and facebook.com


Build 144

  • Fixed automatic form filling issues on outlook.com.

Build 141

  • Minor bug fixes.

Build 140

  • Minor bug fixes.

Build 139

  • Fix video playback issue.

Build 138

  • Add Vietnamese language file

Build 137

  • Minor bug fixes.

Build 135

  • Solve playback issue of Tencent video.

Build 133

  • Updated some language files.
  • Added Bing search engine into the list of preinstalled engines.

Build 132

Build 131

  • Updated German language file.

Build 130

  • Fixed a bug with youtube video downloader.

Build 129

  • Added Yandex engine for Russian users.

Build 127

  • Fixed video playback issue with tencent video (v.qq.com).

Build 126

  • Added Privacy Protection List into the ad blocker.

Build 125

  • Improve performance of ad blocker
  • Improve upload speed of built-in ftp uploader.

Build 124

  • Fixed compatibility issue with uk.yahoo.com

Build 123

  • Fixed compatibility issue with Yahoo.com
  • Fixed a bug with ad blocker.

Build 121

  • Fixed a bug with facebook sharing.

Build 120

  • Fix youku video playback issue.

Build 119

  • Fix crash when uploading files under Windows xp.

Build 118

  • Fixed a bug with youtube video downloader.

Build 117

  • Fix crash when uploading photos directly from mobile phone or digital camera.

Build 116

  • Fix bug with download manager when downloading files bigger than 2GB.

For detailed changes in each build, please read the detailed changed log in the forum. If you would like to understand more about the new features in V7.0, please read Introduction to SlimBrowser 7.0.

Major Changes Introduced in V7.0

  • Improved process model to prevent SlimBrowser from freezing or hanging after prelonged use in a single session.
  • Redesigned ad blocker to support ad blocker plus filter rules.
  • Improved Photo Salon:
    • Allow users to select a portion of the input photo for final output image.
    • Added photo paper effect for opaque photo frames.
    • Added support for signature image.
    • Allow users to tilt photos randomly when combining multiple photos.
    • Allow some photo frames to be used for both landscape and portrait photos.
  • Redesigned tabs page:
    • Configurable number of rows and columns.
    • Configurable background color or image.
    • Resize quick-dial buttons based on the current window size.
  • Added better support to use the original address bar as search bar as well (i.e., Omni-bar).
  • Redesigned address bar drop down suggestion list to show matching items from history, favorites, forms, groups as well as search suggestions provided by the current search engine. All the keywords will be matched separately if multiple keywords are typed into the address bar.
  • Switched to new weather data source with better accuracy, separate day and night weather, and 7-day forecast.
  • Added support for mouse dragging gesture for back/forward navigation (Drag left or right while holding right button to navigate back or forward).

Minor Changes:

  • Disable playing of gif animations by default.
  • Bug fix: Allow control+F to invoke the find dialog in script pad.
  • Added support for IE 10 compatible view list. Updated IE9 compatible view list
  • Added built-in support for “Pin It” operation for pinterest.com.
  • Allow users to directly edit form files that show up in the address bar suggestion list. Allow users to delete urls from the entire domain for urls that show up in the address bar suggestion list.
  • Allow users to view the preferred password in identities protected by master password.
  • Added “Upload Clipboard Image” button in upload file dialog.
  • Added support for custom zoom percentage.
  • Added option to hide the title bar when the main window is maximized in order to save screen space for small monitors.
  • Added menu View->View DOM Source to help developers view the dynamic DOM structure.
  • Added support for settings backup and restoration under menu “Tools:Back & Restore”.
  • Remember javascript settings on a per-domain basis (Similar what's offered by the NoScript add-on)
  • Use a new smaller icon for the mini menu button.
  • Added menu Window->Go to Last Active Tab and shortcuts key Ctrl+Q so that users can toggle between two tabs back and forth easily with keyboard.
  • Allow users to use saved form or site group on quickdial buttons on tabs page.
  • Added drop down menu to show the quickdial sites on the new tab(+) button.

V6.01 download web browser

For detailed changes in each build, please read the detailed changed log in the forum.

Changes in last several builds:

  • Allow users to middle click a quickdial button on the tabs page to open it in a new tab. (Shift click or use the "Open In New Tab" menu is also ok).
  • Fixed "download youtube video" button position
  • Fixed cooked sharing issue on Windows 8+IE10.
  • Added option to automatically fill forms upon page loading when a matching saved form is detected.
  • Redesigned appearance of tab bar. Eliminated drawing flickering of tab bar.
  • Added support to capture screenshot of selected area of a web page.
  • Add integration with virustotal online scanner. You can either select menu "Tools:Security: Scan with VirusTotal" to scan the current site or right click on a link on the current page and select "Scan with VirusTotal" to scan this particular link.
  • Added menu to display most frequently visited sites under "File->Most Frequently Visited Sites"
  • Added menu to display recently added favorites under "Favorites->Recently Added Favorites"
  • Added menu to display most frequently visited forms under "QuickFill->Most Frequently Used Forms"

Major changes in this version:

  • New feature: Added easy way to upload clibpoard image. Right click within the file input text box and select "Upload Clipboard Image" from the popup menu
  • Added support for full-text search of bookmarked websites by caching the text information locally.
  • Bug fix: default browser registration issue under Windows 8
  • Add support to convert youtube video to mp3 file.
  • Added support to download youtube video to mp4 and other formats.
  • UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE new feature: Photo-Salon
    It allows you to add beautiful photo frames and other enhancement effects to your photos right before you upload them. It also automatically shrink photos to web-optimized resolution to dramatically reduce upload time. Very easy to use and it won't affect your original photos. Works with any websites. Find out more about this feature here.
  • The old autologin feature has been replaced with the new form filler feature under the "Quick Fill" menu. Autologin files will be upgraded into saved form files.
  • Renamed "Links Bar" into "Favorites Bar". The old "Favorites Bar" is now called "All Favorites".
  • Added option to ignore https sites in download manager options.
  • Added menu tools:reset all settings.
  • Bug fix: double clicking ftp folder in a ftp folder view opens the ftp folder in an external explorer window.
  • Feature change: The entire browser window is now hidden when the browser is locked.
  • Added paste & search into the context menu of the quicksearch box.
  • Ctrl key for the purpose of new tab activation toggling now affects only sites opened from existing tabs by middle-clicking, shift+clicking or selecting the menu "Open In New Tab".
  • Now you can use delete key to delete a single entry from the drop down list of the address bar.
  • Bug fix: Tab bar height wasn't adjusted properly when the bar is using multi-line mode while resizing the main window.
  • Reduced the time to close a group of tabs.
  • Bug fix: website with title including special characters such as apostrophe messes up the quickdial settings.
  • Added support to download all the links from the current web page. Accessible from the in-page context menu ""Download all with download manager" and from the toolbar on the download manager.
  • The folder to save pictures is now remembered across browsing sessions.
  • Added "Window->Restore All/Maximize All" to the Window menu.
  • Added site-dependent zoom settings. If you set a specific zoom setting on a web page, next time you come to the same domain, the same zoom setting will be applied.
  • Added support to import firefox bookmarks in one click (Favorites->More->Import Firefox Bookmarks).
  • Added option to easily disable the securty alert when browsing pages with both http and https content.
  • Reduced startup time when skin is enabled.
  • Skin selection dialog has been changed into a menu list.
  • Add support to restore popup window by openning blocked url directly. Now we have two ways to restore popup windows. The old way is allow popups temporarily and refresh the current page (Allow Popup and Reload).
    The new way will restore the blocked popup window by opening its URL directly. The new way is more useful in cases where refreshing the current page will cause either loss of data or session information.
  • Added support to delete individual items from the history view.
  • Changed domain autocompletion options. Added checkbox to enable/disable each of them individually. Check tools:options:address bar.

V6.00 download web browser

  • Added option to start a new rendering process upon closing all tabs. This option is enabled by default and will release all the memory used by the previous rendering process when the last tab is closed.
  • Added support for web form spell checking in German, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Bug fix: installing some skins will cause SlimBrowser window to freeze.
  • Adopted new multiple process architecture. Each tab is hosted in a separate process for improved application stability and security.
  • When one tab crashes, you will have the chance to restore this same tab to the original URL. The other tabs will not be affected.
  • By default, all tabs share the same session. However, you can open a separate session by selecting File->New->Separate Session. This will allow to you login multiple web accounts at the same time.
  • You can dynamically switch rendering mode without restarting the browser. Use Tools:Compatibility Setting menu to specify the rendering mode for the current page.
  • Favorite site icon is now shown in the address bar instead of default web page icon.
  • IMPORTANT: SlimBrowser now has independent home setting from Internet Explorer. Please set SlimBrowser homepage in Tools:options:homepage.
  • A quick-dial page will be shown by default when creating a new tab. This option can be changed in Tools:options:new tab which provides three choices: tabs page, home page and blank page.
  • Added warning when the last visible toolbar is hidden. Also, at startup, the menu bar will be shown automatically if all toolbars are hidden during last session.
  • Added "New Tab(+)" button on the tab bar.
  • Added menu "View:Compact Mode" so that you can easily switch a compact mode UI which provides a mini menu button instead of a full menu bar.
  • Show loading animation on the tab when a web page is being downloaded.
  • Save screen shot of web page via File->Save Screenshot.
  • Bug fix: can't open new windows from inside flash object when popup blocker is enabled.

V5.01 download web browser

Build 038

  • Bug fix: fixed incorrect interpretation of some javascript links.
  • language file updates.

Build 035

  • Fixed share on twitter menu function.
  • Fixed Chinese-Japan-Korean language message box autowrap issue.

Build 034

  • Fixed crash when clicking special folders in the folder bar.

Build 033

  • Bug fix: Resize checkbox controls properly after translation in Windows XP.
  • Bug fix: web page translation fails to update properly.
  • Updated language files.

Build 030

  • New way to close tabs conveniently: close tabs on the left, close tabs from the same domain.
  • Bug fix: size and position popup windows opened by javascript correctly.
  • Bug fix: help button on download manager option page not working.

Build 029

  • Bug fix: crash upon building links bar.

Build 027

  • Bug fix: log file is now also removed upon cleaning history.

Build 026

  • Bug fix: online feedback page failed to fill in configuration information automatically.

Build 023

  • Bug fix: side pane size not properly saved in some cases.
  • Complete Polish language added.

Build 022

  • Bug fix: Context menu not working when browsing files from UNC path. Couldn't open files from UNC path.

Build 021

  • Bug fix: Active pane in explorer bar not saved properly at exit
  • Bug fix: download manager history not saved properly

Build 017

  • Bug fix: autologin not working for some sites.

Build 016

  • Bug fix: some in-page shortcuts not working with IE9
  • Automatic memory optimization.

Build 015

  • Improved support for IE9.

Build 013

  • Performance improvement: reduced program exiting time.
  • Bug fix: The & symbol is now displayed on links bar correctly.

Build 012 and earlier

  • Added built-in support to share the active page with a single click over various social networking channels, web services and web emails. Accessible via menu "Tools:Share this page". You can also right click on a tab and select "Share this page" from the context menu. The same features can be accessed from the corresponding buttons on the standard toolbar. Existing users need customize the toolbar to see the new buttons.
  • Added interface to facebook so that you can easily share the active page, selected text within the active page or update your status on facebook. Accessible from menu "Tools:Facebook" or the corresponding toolbar buttons.
  • Added facebook support to in-page shortcut menu to make sharing picture and text easier. You can right click on a picture and share it on facebook. You can aslo select a piece of text and share it. Look for the new menu items from in-page context menu.
  • Added "Download with download manager" into in-page shortcut menu when you right click on a link. It helps you invoke download manager easily even if you have it turned off by default.
  • Added option to bypass certain file types such as office documents and PDF files for download manager.
  • Add option to automatically pass unresolvable address to specified search engine. This option is customizable in “Tools:options:address bar”.

V5.00 download web browser

  • Significantly improved slimbrowser startup speed.
  • Added menu to share current page on facebook. Accessible via "tools:social networking:share this page on facebook".
  • Added Deals Hunter toolbar to help online shoppers finding the best deals online. Activate the toolbar via menu "View:Toolbars:XML Toolbars:Deals Hunter".
  • Added built-in Multi-threaded Download Manager which improve file download speed by several times and can resume broken downloads.
    • Config download manager options in "Tools:Options:Download Manager".
    • Open download manager window by selecting "View:Explorer Bars:Download Manager" or click the newly added download manager button on the standard toolbar. You need customize the toolbar to add the new button if you upgrade from an older version.
  • Added capability to search/translate/define/map selected text directly from the popup menu when you right click in a web page.
  • Added capability to translate selected text from any language into any language inside a web page without leaving the page. Check the new menu items under "Language" Menu.
  • Improved weather forcasting feature. Enable weather display on status bar by going to tools:options:weather. You can view 5-day weather forcasting details inside a dialog when you click on the weather display area on the status bar.
  • Added "Quick Bookmark" menu item into Favorites Menu. It can let you bookmark a page with a single click and save it into predefined folders.
  • Universal URL Filter is now called Ad Blocker. The built-in block list is now separately managed from the user-defined block list.
  • Added capability to manually pick an AD image within a page and add it into the Ad blocker block list. All you need do is CTRL+SHIFT+Right click on the AD image and select "Block this Ad" from the popup menu.
  • Bug fix: When browsing local folders inside slimbrowser, double-clicking a folder used to open an external windows explorer. Now it will open in the same tab.
  • Important Behavior Change: "Open In New Tab" in the popup menu when you right click inside a page is now enabled and will open the selected link in a new tab. The "Open In New Window" menu item will open an external slimbrowser instead.
  • Bug fix: When web page is zoomed in, middle-clicking a link to open a new tab used to open incorrect link sometimes. Now it's fixed.
  • Bug fix: When browsing folders shared over Windows networking, there used to be unnessary security warnings. Now they are eliminated.
  • Bug fix: Bypass server list not working in proxy switcher.
  • Feature Change: The menu item "Tools:Extract search engine data" menu item is now moved to the dropdown menu on the quicksearch box.
  • Added support of favicon on the quicksearch box dropdown menu.
  • Bug fix: Auto-hide taskbar not coming out automatically when SlimBrowser is using Skin in Windows 7.
  • Bug fix: ctrl+shift+left/right and ctrl+a is now working correctly inside address bar.
  • Feature Change: Changed shortcut key for zooming into ctrl+ and ctrl-.
  • Feature Change: All language files are now included in the setup file instead of being downloaded online.
  • Removed in-page ad-filter.
  • Tools:shortcuts have been renamed to Tools:Frequently used folders.
  • Added capability to set active tab in site groups.
  • Added capability to set search homepage accessible from the search button on the standard toolbar. Just drag the web page icon from the address bar onto the search button.
  • New feature: autocompletion based on search suggestions. The option can be toggled in tools:options:misc, "Enable Autocompletion based on search suggestions".

V4.12 download web browser

Build 025

  • Updated internal links to point to new online resource locations.

Build 023

  • Bug fix: quicksearch history not cleaned properly.
  • Bug fix: browser still accessible from tray icon when locked.

Build 020

  • Bug fix: suggestion suggestion drop down not closing automatically sometimes.
  • Bug fix: Asian language search keywords not stored correctly in search history.

Build 018

  • Bug fix: back-forward button not working for PDF page or local folders.

Build 016

  • Fixed bug about search suggestion result parsing with a few search engines.

Build 015

  • Fixed bug about file->open/save dialog not popping up under Win98.

Build 014

  • Fixed bug about the history dropdown menu near the back & forward buttons on the toolbar.

Build 013 and earlier

  • Bug fix: popup blocker not working properly in IE6 or earlier.
  • Fixed bug with scripting inside frames from a different domain. The built-in form filler and keyword highlight tool is now able to step into subframes from another domain.
  • Included a larger predefined black list into universal url filter.
  • Added "Search in Current Site" into Edit menu.
  • Added support for the prompting of search suggestions with the quicksearch box.
  • Fixed bug for google and babelfish translator.
  • Bug fix: open multiple home pages when clicking the homepage button.
  • New shortcut key: ctrl+T to create a new tab (ctrl+N still works for the same purpose).
  • Added support to clean history by a single domain name (accessible from menu tools->privacy->clean trace by domain)
  • Changed default scriptpad file type to jscript.
  • Fixed bug with script pad when viewing html file source code. Added file-type auto-detect capability.
  • Added script error status indicator.
  • Support up to 1024 autologin entries.
  • Added spell check as toolbar button. You can customize the toolbar to add this new button.


  • Disabled activeX warning messages when activeX control is disabled.
  • Fixed bug in mouse-clicking with long single-column favorites menu.
  • Add built-in form filler
  • Add support of DDE when openning external links
  • Add support for applying proxies to all protocols in the proxy organizer
  • Add support for 1024 groups
  • Misc bug fixes.


  • Improved compatibility with Windows Vista User Account Control.
  • On Windows Vista, skin will be stored in personal profile if User Account Control is enabled.
  • Fixed bug about weather information display
  • Fixed an important bug which may crash SlimBrowser on some systems
  • Fixed the bug about the downloading of language files under Windows Vista.

(This ver has a serious bug, please update to later versions asap).

  • Added built-in crash reporting mechanism to aid debugging.
  • Solved the display problem in Windows Vista when skin is enabled.
  • Added support for zooming with ctrl+mouse wheel.
  • Added support for IE7 page zoom as an option.
  • Added wikipedia into quicksearch engine list.
  • Added support for multiple start pages introduced in IE7.
  • Fixed bug with taskbar display when skin is enabled.
  • Fixed bug with adding rss url into favorites
  • Added support for using different images for the maxmize/restore button when the main window is maximized or in normal size. Skin contributors may make use of this new feature.
  • New feature: hide the entire browser and restore with a predefined hotkey.
  • New feature: search for keywords in favorites via the favorites side pane.
  • New feature: search for keywords in history via the history side pane.
  • Added support to run as mobile edition from a USB stick.


  • Add Full Unicode Support on WinNT-based systems (NT/2k/XP/2003/Vista)
  • Language files are no longer included in the setup file. They are updated online at first run after installation. You can also download it manually by selecting "language->interface language->download language files".
  • Option to show close button on tabs. (option is located at Tools->Options->Tab)
  • Bug fix: 7+4 style zip code is now handled properly for location
  • Bug fix: middle click to close tab for multiline tabs
  • Bug fix: ctrl+tab now works properly with IE7


  • The tabs can now be re-ordered by drag & drop.
  • Add support to open .mht files from Windows Explorer
  • Security fix: block script embedded in urls beginning with "about:"
  • Revision: selecting "File:Close All" won't close hidden sites unless shift is pressed.
  • New feature: automatically lock browser after long-time idleness. Accessible in the "Privacy" page of the options dialog or via the menu item "tools:privacy:auto-lock browser".
  • Add support for white-list with in-page ad filter.
  • New feature: add "Find In Page" button on the quick-search bar. You can use it to search for keywords in the current page. Begin the search string with '/' for auto-search without clicking the "Find In Page" button.
  • Revision: autologin can be protected with the same master password used for browser auto-locking. The master password can be set via "tools:privacy:set master password".


  • Build 025: fix bug about crash when closing some sites. updated language files.
  • Build 022: fix misc. bugs related with the new features introduced in V4.06.
  • Added support for memorized zoom level of web pages
  • Added support for displaying local weather condition in status bar
  • Added ability to display popup window in their original size (You need turn off the option "Always Maximize New Window" in tools:options:new window). Also, all the site windows are able to be restored and maximized independently.
  • Revised popup blocker (applies to Windows XP SP2 users only). Both popup window and popup dialogs are blocked effectively. Blocked site windows are killed immediately now (In old versions, popups are hidden first and killed after a short while).
  • Added access to location specific web resources (weather, maps and more to come later). Check the menus under tools:web resources.
  • Bug fix: when switching between sites, the entire Windows desktop redraws.
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks


  • Add icons into main menu
  • Main menu, explorer bar and status bar are now skinnable. Skin designers might want to update their skins to make full of the new features. For more details, please visit this page.


  • Fix of this bug: When you click the "Open Folder" button when a file has been completely downloaded, the download dialog can't be closed.
  • Add option: confirm when you try to close all sites.
  • Add option to lock homepage to a preset web address (Tools:Options:Misc)
  • Add option to enable in-page ad-filter for all sites automatically (Tools:Options:In-Page Ad-Filter)
  • Add support for open links inside MSN messenger within SlimBrowser
  • Add support for alias in the dialog brought up by selecting "file->open"
  • Add option whether to check default browser at startup (Tools:Options:Program)
  • Add support to install a skin directly from web
  • Bug fix: download file after SlimBrowser is closed
  • Bug fix: wrong icon shown on system button when skin is enabled


  • Support unicode label display on site tabs (only works under Windows NT/2k/XP). SlimBrowser is now able to display text in any language on the site tab.
  • SlimBrowser now can be closed before a file is completely downloaded.
  • Add "Google Search Current Site" into the list of predefined quicksearch engines.
  • Bug fix: create association of .mht file with SlimBrowser when you set SlimBrowser as default browser.
  • Bug fix: Import/Export Favorites under Windows XP Sp2.
  • Add option to set maximum tab label width in pixels (options->tab)


  • Fix bug about keystroke handling in Flash ActiveX Control
  • Add ability to open only selected members inside a site group. Use menu "Groups->Open Members Inside Group" or hold down SHIFT key when you open a group in the regular way.
  • Add support for locking a tab from being closed when you select "Close All". Use menu item "View->Lock Tab".
  • Add ability to disable Microsoft Java VM so that newest version of Sun Java VM can be enabled in SlimBrowser. Available at "Tools:Options:Misc:Disable Microsoft Java Virtual Machine". If you have both MS JVM and Sun JVM installed, you are advised to disable MS JVM. MS JVM is no longer supported by Microsoft and will be outdated very soon.
  • Bug fix: when you close the last visible site, the site goes to blank but the navigation history was not cleared. Now the history is also cleared.
  • Newest version of google toolbar (V2.0.114.7) is not compatible with SlimBrowser and has been temporarily disabled until we can resolve this issue. Please use the Google search engine on the QuickSearch bar instead.


  • Fixed a bug about display of flash download control option.
  • Feature revised: now in-page ad filter will only apply to a selected list of sites.
  • Add menu item "View->Privacy Report"
  • Bug fix: Drag & drop URL from address bar to Windows desktop or explorer.
  • Add "open" button in the alias definition dialog. You can also double click an alias to open it directly from the dialog.
  • Show "&" symbol correctly on tab
  • More options added on "Tools->options->tab", including:
    • Maximum tab label length in characters
    • Maximum number of words shown in tab label
    • Use automatic brief tab label
    • Show assigned site name for matched URL
  • Add support for Assigned Site Name (aka, sticky tab name). Accessible from menu "tools->assigned site names". You can also right click on a tab and select "Assigned site names..."
  • Add support for flexible update checking option (every run/day/week/month/quarter/never), option to get notified of beta release, etc.


Build 002

  • Fixed the problem of too much disk access while SlimBrowser is running.

Build 001

  • Add menu item "Autologin->Edit AutoLogin File".
  • Updated RSS rendering engine
    Fixed the bug that some rss news feeds that don't allow local caching couldn't be rendered in SlimBrowser.
  • Changed program icon to the following image: .
    Be sure you can find it on your desktop. The icon may look different under win9x, NT and 2k. Turn on the option "Show icon using all possible colors" for best effect if you are not using WinXP.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the drop-down menu of web page editors


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