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Block all Ads: Google ads, youtube ads and facebook ads

download web browser (53.41MB) [Aug 31,2023, What's New]

web browser ad blockerHow to Block Youtube Ads

Every one likes to watch funny and interesting videos on youtube but don't want to waste time watching the video ads or the banner ads laid on top of the videos. How to block the youtube ads? SlimBrowser has the answer for you.

In order to block the youtube ads in SlimBrowser, all you have to do is to enable the built-in Ad Blocker in SlimBrowser. The Ad Blocker in SlimBrowser is powered by the community-maintained EasyList advertisement filtering rules. To enable the Ad Blocker in SlimBrowser, just select the menu "Tools->Ad Blocker->Enable Ad Blocker" and then reload all the web pages that are already open. After that, you can start watching youtube videos and you won't see any ads or commercials.

By the way, another powerful feature in SlimBrowser is that it can let you download any youtube videos to mp4, flv, webm files saved to your local hard disk. You can even extract mp3 audio files automatically from the downloaded video files. To learn more than the youtube video downloading feature, click here.


Tired of watching youtube ads and want to block the ads once and for all? Download SlimBrowser for FREE Now to start enjoying the "youtube ads blocking" feature and a lot more other powerful features available in SlimBrowser.

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