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Comparison between SlimBrowser and Google Chrome

Google chrome is a web browser designed with a minimalist style. It does the job of plain internet browsing well but barely offers anything else on top of that. It's very limited in terms of features and options. In comparison, SlimBrowser offers a full load of wonderful features so that you can not only open the web pages you want to see quickly, but also reach your final goal in the most effecient way and with minimum distraction. SlimBrowser helps you get there faster and more smoothly no matter whether you are trying to downloading a file from a server, doing some online shopping, socializing with your friends online, or writing web emails.

Here we are listing a small set of the powerful features offered by SlimBrowser but not available in Google chrome. Compare and find out why SlimBrowser is a much better choice for you if you want to get the most out of your daily web surfing.


1. Integrated form filler

SlimBrowser offers a built-in form filler that is much more powerful than the primitive password manager available in Google Chrome. It lets you manage your online login forms just like a bookmark. It lets you open the web page and login into your account in a single step with a single mouse click.

2. Integrated Ad Blocker

SlimBrowser comes with an integrated ad blocker which can eliminate annoying ads on almost all the websites, such as the Google adsense ads and facebook's ads.

3. Download files 12x faster

SlimBrowser includes a multi-threaded download manager which let you download files up to 12 times faster than Google Chrome.

4. Instant photo upload

SlimBrowser lets you upload and share photos about 10 to 20 times faster than Google Chrome by automatically compressing photos before you upload them.

5. One-Click Facebook Integration

You can share your online activities on facebook with a single click. No need to open facebook.com first and then post it manually.

6. Flexible Web Page and Text Translation

SlimBrowser lets you translate web pages or a piece of text easily between any two languages. In comparison, Chrome only lets you translate a full web page into the current UI language.


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