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SlimBrowser Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How to transfer SlimBrowser settings from one computer to another?

Sign into the same account in SlimBrowser on both computers and the data should be automatically synced between the two computers.

Q: What are the system requirements of SlimBrowser?

SlimBrowser is compatible Windows 7 with later. It requires at least 1GB system RAM.

Q: What rendering engine does SlimBrowser use?

A: SlimBrowser uses Gecko engine, the same engine used by Mozilla Firefox.

Q: Is SlimBrowser free for commercial use?

Yes. SlimBrowser is free to both individual and commercial use.

Q: Can I offer SlimBrowser for download on my own website?

Yes. SlimBrowser is free for redistribution as long as it is kept in its original form.

Q: Is there a version of SlimBrowser available for Mac and Linux?

No. If you need a web browser for Mac and Linux, check out our Slimjet Browser based on Chromium.

Q: How to uninstall SlimBrowser?

Select "FlashPeak SlimBrowser: Uninstall SlimBrowser" from the start menu shortcut to uninstall SlimBrowser. You can also uninstall SlimBrowser from "Control Panel->Uninstall a program".

Q: How to upgrade to a new version of SlimBrowser?

Just install the new version of SlimBrowser into the same folder as the old version of SlimBrowser.

Q: How to set SlimBrowser as the default browser?

Select "Tools:options" to open the preferences page. Click the "Make default" button under the General section.

More Technical FAQ is available from SlimBrowser community forum.



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