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Shopping Assistant

SlimBrowser now supports shopping assistant features which can save you money when you do online shopping.

1. Show related deals and coupons (provided by Dealply)

When this option is enabled, SlimBrowser will show deals and coupons related to the product listed in the current page you are viewing. You will most likely see the same products with different prices from other e-Commerce websites. You can compare the prices and buy from the seller which has the lowest price to save money.

2. Show available cashback offers (provided by Jollywallet)

When this option is enabled, you will have chance to earn some cashback when you shop on a selected list of e-Commerce websites, such as dell.com, gap.com, walmart.com, etc. If there is cashback available, you will see a green bar on the top. Just click the green bar to enable cashback on the current site. You will have to sign up an account with Jollywallet first in order to receive the cashback. The cashback will be paid back to your paypal account.

If you somehow find these offers annoying and are not interested in saving the extra bucks, you can easily turn off both of them. Just select menu "Tools:options" and go to "Shopping Assistant" section of the options dialog. You can turn off either of them on this option page.

After you turn off the shopping assistant features, the deals and offers will no longer be shown automatically. However, you can still invoke them manually when you want to save money on a particular website. Just select the menu "Tools:Shopping Assistant" and select either "Show related deals and coupons" or "Show available cashback offers" to check available deals, coupons and offers on the current site on a one-time basis.



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