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Take Screenshot of a Whole Web Page or Selected Area

Sometimes you want to get the screenshot of a whole web page to keep a record of the current state of the current web page. Yes, you can use the printscreen feature of Windows. But it can't get the complete web page if the web page is long with scroll bars.

In SlimBrowser, it is easy for you to take screenshot of a whole web page. Just open the web page you want to take a screenshot of. Then select the menu "File: Save Screenshot", provide a file name for the screenshot image file and click OK. After that, a screenshot of the current web page will be saved to the designated file in JPEG format.

You can capture screenshot of a selected area of the web browser window. To do that, just select the menu "File->Capture Screenshot of Selected Area". After that, define the selected area with mouse by drawing a rectangle on the screen. The screenshot of the selected area can be copied to clipboard or saved to an image file.

If you are not yet an existing SlimBrowser user, Download SlimBrowser for FREE Now to start enjoying the web page screenshot feature and a lot more other powerful features available in SlimBrowser.

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