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weather forecast - best web browser for windowsCurrent Weather Condition and Weather Forecast

Video Demo: Display current weather condition and weather forecast in SlimBrowser

SlimBrowser delivers current weather report and weather forecast information (just like the one provided by weather.com, aka. the Weather Channel) right in front of your eyes no matter where you are located around the globe. The current weather condition and temperature range of the day are conveniently displayed towards the right end of the status bar. You can right click the weather display area on the status bar to access more menu options as shown below,

weather forecast menu

You can select the "5 day weather forecast option" from the menu or simply click on the weather display on the status bar to see more detailed 5 day weather forecast information,

5 day weather forecast


You can select the menu option "Hourly forecast @ weather.com" to view hourly weather forecast information on weather.com. You can also select the menu option "10 day Forcast @ weather.com" to view 10 day weather forecast information.

The weather information from all cities in the United States plus most of the major cities in other countries, e.g., Los Angles, New York City, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose, Philedelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, London, Beijing and so on.


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