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Video Demo: Web Page Translation

With the built-in translation feature inside SlimBrowser, translating web pages from one language to another has never been easier. SlimBrowser supports translation between almost any languages in the world. SlimBrowser supports both translation of a full web page and translation of selected text.

  • To translate a full web page, just select "Language->Translate Current Page" from the menu.
  • To translate selected text within the active web page for just once, select "Language->Translate Selected Text" from the menu.
  • To enable automatic translation of selected text upon your mouse selection, select "Language->Auto Translate Selection" from the menu. You can select any piece of text within the web page. The translation will be automatically displayed when you release your mouse button.

The cool thing about the translation of selected text is that the translation is shown in a small popup window so that you don't have to leave the web page you are currently viewing.

Here is a screenshot of translation of selected text inside the web browser:

translation - best web browser for windows





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