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Fastest Web Browser for Windows 7 & XP

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Which is the fastest web browser for Windows 7 and XP?

There are quite a few free web browsers available these days. A frequently asked question is: Which is the fastest web browser? Which web browser is the fastest one for Windows 7 or XP? Is it Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or the less known Opera? SlimBrowser is designed with the target of becoming the fastest web browser for Windows 7 and XP. SlimBrowser runs faster than other web browsers in the following areas,

1. Faster startup, faster web browsing

SlimBrowser achieves fastest startup speed and web surfing speed by integrating most of the features internally without resorting to plugins. So there are less libraries to load at startup and less plugins to hog up CPU resource during web surfing. The ad blocker in SlimBrowser also helps save bandwidth and memory by blocking download ad images and flash animations, which further improves the browsing speed.

2. Fastest file download and video download

SlimBrowser includes a super-fast download manager which can download a single file from the server with multiple connections (up to 12) at the same time. Therefore, in ideal connections, SlimBrowser can download files 12 times faster. When you download video from youtube, the download manager automatically takes over to help you download the video file from youtube at similarly blazing-fast speed.

3. Fastest Photo Upload

SlimBrowser automatically shrinks photos on the fly to predefined resolution (1M pixel by default) right before the photo upload so that the photo uploading process is completed almost immediately. Uploading a 10M pixel photo normally takes a full minute on 1Mbps uplink connection. With automatic compression, the photo upload only takes a couple of seconds.

Stop wondering. Download SlimBrowser for FREE now and find out what you really think it is the fastest web browser for Windows 7 and XP.

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