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web browser ad blockerUsing Ad Blcoker to Block Ads in SlimBrowser

1. The benefits of the Ad Blocker

SlimBrowser includes a built-in Ad blocker which can selectively filters out annoying and obtrusive ad (advertisement) components within the web pages. It can identify flash ads, banners and annoying floating images based on URL matching and CSS selector matching. Any web resource with URL matching an Ad Blocker URL filtering rule will not be downloaded at all. Thus, it not only relieves your eye from obtrusive Ads but also saves you memory & bandwidth, which serves as a big boost to the overall performance of SlimBrowser. The ad blocker also blocks youtube video ads when you watch videos from the youtube. That can save you time wasted watching the video ads.

2. Enable Ad-Blocker in SlimBrowser

You can select Ad Blocker:Enable Ad Blocker from the browser menu to enable the ad blocker inside the web browser. To configure more options about the Ad Blocker, select Ad Blocker: Ad Blocker Options from the menu. You can subscribe to one or more filter lists from the available filter lists based on the language of the websites you visit. The subscribed filter lists will be automatically updated periodically to filter out the latest ads.

In case the predefined filter lists can't filter all the ads for you, you can use the "User Filter List" to add your own filter rules. If there are some websites on which you want to see the ads anyway, you can add the related domains into the domain white list.

3. What if the Ad Blocker blocks something I want to see?

From time to time, the Ad Blocker might block the real content that you want to see by mistake. Or you simply want to see the ads on a particular website. The simple solution is to disable the ad blocker on this particular domain. You can select "Ad Blocker:Disable Ad Blocker on Current Domain" to disable it on the current sub-domain only. Or you can select "Ad Blocker:Disable Ad Blocker on Top Domain" to disable it on all the subdomains from the same top domain. However, in rare cases, it might not fix the problem since the blocked items might come from a completely different domain. If you are really frustrated, you always have the option to disable the ad blocker completely or contact us for help.

4. What if the Ad Blocker fails to block a really annoying Ad?

After you have enabled the ad blocker, you might still see one or two ads missed by the ad blocker. First thing you can try is to go to the Ad blocker options dialog and click the button "Update Filters" button to update the filtering rules to the latest version. If that doesn't help, you can pick out the ads and block them manually. To do that, select the menu "Ad Blocker:Select Ad Components to Block", then use the mouse to hover on the ads that you want to block. If you see the ad you want to block is correctly highlighted in yellow color, click on it and you will see a dialog popping up showing the URL or CSS style of the ad component. Click the button "Block This Ad" to block the selected Ad.

5. Ad Blocker Screenshots

Screenshot of Ad blocker options dialog

The ad blocker feature is internally implemented in SlimBrowser. It does not depend on any external plugins or third-party software.

If you are not yet an existing SlimBrowser user, Download SlimBrowser for FREE Now to start enjoying the "Ad Blocker" feature and a lot more other powerful features available in SlimBrowser.

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